The following are genuine, unedited, statements from a few parents.   For the sake of privacy, their last names were abbreviated.

Dr. Kochekali, of Solano Tutor, has helped my sixteen year old daughter significantly in both Algebra II and Chemistry.  Her understanding in each subject improved substantially after the first two sessions.   Her schedule is very busy; being able to cover two subjects in one lesson is such a relief.  Dr. Kochekali is a very competent and patient teacher, structuring each session to accommodate the students’ most immediate needs.

Kim V., Fairfield , CA

Max benefited greatly from tutoring with you. He consistently said you broke the subject into small concepts that he could get and then put the whole thing together. He was once afraid of math and physics but now feels much more confident and is not afraid to take these classes in college.  He earned an A on his Alegra 2 final exam.  He also did well enough on his ACT that he didn't have to take the college placement tests but was admitted directly into all college level classes.  He is now taking a logic class at college and because of the  work   he did with you , this language oriented man has learned to turn the words into mathematical terms  and understands how logic works.

Rhonda T., Benicia, CA

"I am impressed with Dr. Kochekali's broad range of expertise in math and science and consider him an integral part in my son Alex's academic growth. He quickly grasped what my son needed and brought him to a new level of learning in a short time. I am delighted to have him on our team".

Nick F. Fairfield, CA

Thanks so very much, Ali

Ali... You were such an inspiration in Heather's life. You were the best thing I have ever done for her. She was so lost in her Physics and Algebra II until you came along. Then suddenly she was the best in the class and aced everything. It was wonderful to see her confidence grow like it did. I don't know what we would have done without you. Thank you so very much and I recommend your skills to everyone.

Sincerely,  Tracy